Cross out the items you already have prepared in your emergency kit. Are you missing a few items?

Which water hose maze is the correct path to keep your plants thriving with water?

How many water bottles, wind turbines, manhole covers & trees can you find in this activity?

Keeping key pollutants, like trash, pesticides, and oil from going down our storm drains helps the marine ecosystem stay healthy and safe! Sharpen your pencils and color away!

Create your own Wind Turbine Origami! Follow the diagram instructions below or click to view detailed step-by-step instructions. Enjoy!

Put your utility vocabulary to the test! How many of these words can you unscramble? Use the bolded letters to decode our -not so- secret message! Click the puzzle for the answers!

How to play SFPUC Lotería
To play virtually with us on Facebook or Instagram.

  • Pick your Lotería board.
  • Post your Lotería board on Stories (Facebook or Instagram).
    Make sure to tag @sfwater on the post.
  • Check @sfwater Stories on Facebook or Instagram everyday after 1 PM for the daily drawn card. 
  • If the drawn card is on your board, mark it (with an X or a virtual bean). 
  • To win, player must have 4 cards in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). Share your completed winning board on Stories for a chance to win a prize!
  • Prize winner will be selected at random from winning board submissions. Prize winners will be announced via Stories (Facebook and Instagram).
  • Once a winner is announced, the game will restart.

If you would like to change your Lotería board after a game has been completed, please share your new board on Stories and tag @sfwater

Game Rules (General)… for folks who may print out the game.

  • Print out the 6 different Lotería playing sheets and the deck of cards.
  • Choose a Lotería playing sheets for the game.
  • Choose someone to be the “dealer” that’s in charge of flipping the cards for the game.
  • If the drawn card is on your board, mark it with a bean, coin, or X.
  • To win, player must have 4 cards in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) and yell “Lotería!”.

Playing offline? Snap a photo of you playing Lotería, share it on your social media, and tag @sfwater for a chance to win a special prize!

Pick your Lotería board below. 6 different sheets to choose from as well as our playing cards to print out with over 31 different cards :

Can you spot the 17 differences between the two images? Click for the answers.

Can you reach and complete the center of the maze? Print this out and try your luck.

Play with us: Pipes and Faucets. Click below to download the instructions, board game, and spinner.

As you shelter-in-place, here is a ‘stay at home bingo’ to help you pass the time.

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Crossword puzzle in the 2019 November/December newsletter. Click for the answers.