Lit Up with Pride for Our Power Employees

A celebration of Public Power Week would not be complete without recognizing the tremendous work of our Power employees, who keep vital City services running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Power enterprise supports our two power utilities, Hetch Hetchy Power and CleanPowerSF, provides customer programs to support customer financial assistance and residential solar, powers and maintains thousands of streetlights and expands municipal solar, among many other essential power services.

“I’m proud to work for a public power agency because the work we do affects the lives of all our customers and the local community with benefits associated with public utilities like reliable customer service, affordable rates, environmental stewardship, financial support for local government functions, and economic development,” said Mark Torres, the Distributed Antenna System Program Manager for the SFPUC, “Working for Power Enterprise has helped expose me to a variety of different aspects of the SFPUC, and provide a broader knowledge skillset that I can use to further my career goals. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity to serve as the Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Program Manager since the Program helps provide the City and County of San Francisco with high-speed internet capability and enhances public safety services by strengthening the 911 system.”

Mark Torres, SFPUC Distributed Antenna System Program Manager, on the right.

Power employees also recognize the importance of public power for our community. Rosie Scott, who works on the GoSolarSF program, stated, “I believe public power provides long-term value to its community and citizens. Public power benefits are tremendous including rate stability, support for jobs, and diversity goals. Policies that are in line with community priorities, and financial support for local government functions cannot be understated.”

SFPUC Power Enterprise team members.

Grace Tang, a Utility Specialist with the Power Enterprise added in, “Public power utilities are focused on serving the local community. Through accountability and transparency, local needs and concerns are prioritized. I’m proud to work for an organization that prioritizes the customer and values community input in the decision-making process.”

Thank you, to all the employees across the Power Enterprise, working to ensure a brighter, sustainable, and reliable future for San Francisco. To learn how you can support the expansion of public power in San Francisco, visit

SFPUC Streetlight Team.