How Your Photo Can be Featured in the SFPUC’s 2022 Calendar

It’s that time of the year again.

The SFPUC is inviting the public to submit photos for its annual pollution prevention calendar. The SFPUC’s Pollution Prevention Program focuses on outreach, education, and legislation to prevent pollutants from affecting where the community works, plays and lives, aiming to preserve San Francisco for future generations to enjoy. The calendar is one of many ways the SFPUC educates residents on keeping the City, beaches, bay, and ocean clean and preventing pollutants from going down storm drains, property drains, or toilets to the sewer system and environment.

From July 16 until August 16, the SFPUC is hosting a photo contest – open for anyone – to join in the fun.

The photo contest is free to participate. Images may be selected to be featured in the SFPUC 2022 annual calendar that is distributed to several thousand San Franciscans. Previous calendars showcased photos of native flowers and plants submitted by local residents.

Submit photos or learn about the criteria for the contest at

Selected participants could win free promotional items and full bragging rights. From your walks around the neighborhood, to the sights and sounds of the City by the Bay, the sky is the limit and creativity is key.