Gardening 101: Learn How to Reduce Pests and Water Usage

It is a typically San Francisco summer – dry and cold, but always with a bit of sunshine and plenty of fog. With summer underway as we’re coming out of a dry winter, the SFPUC has teamed up with Charlotte Canner, Integrated Pest Management Advocate and Educator for the Our Water Our World Program.

The SFPUC is hosting a “Gardening 101, Reducing Pests & Water Usage” webinar on Thursday, July 8 from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. At the webinar, Canner will provide tips and guidelines on how to maintain a healthy, pest-free garden while being smart about water year-round to increase water efficiency, save money, and how to prevent pollution and keep the Bay and Ocean clean.

Garden-enthusiasts can register for the webinar now.

From the type of plants that are best for the garden to better understanding water infiltration, webinar attendees will learn tips for gardening success with pollution prevention in mind. The best part is that attendees will be able to ask gardening questions and get answers that they can apply right away to their garden.