Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy: CleanPowerSF Energy Contracts

Some people may be curious about the clean energy resources that are generating electricity to power their homes and businesses in San Francisco. For CleanPowerSF customers, the SFPUC sources clean energy from all over the Golden State.

Since launching in 2016, the SFPUC, through CleanPowerSF, has committed to a multitude of clean, renewable energy projects in the Bay Area and across California. This includes renewable energy projects that produce energy from solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal sources. 

Renewable energy is energy produced by resources that nature will replace, like wind, sunshine, and water. Renewable energy is often referred to as “clean” and “green” because these sources of energy are better for the environment and our community’s health.

To date, the SFPUC’s CleanPowerSF program has contracted for 467 MW of new wind and solar projects in California. This includes three new solar plus battery storage contracts, or projects that both generate solar energy and contain a battery component to store generated energy. Combining renewable energy projects with battery storage is critical to reaching 100% renewable energy goals because some types of renewable energy (like solar) are more readily available during certain parts of the day. 

This map shows the location and resource types of CleanPowerSF’s existing and new renewable energy projects.

One such project included in the map the San Pablo Raceway solar project. This 100-MW new solar project began delivering solar power in August 2019. San Pablo Raceway generated approximately 500 construction jobs during the 7-8 month construction period and ten full-time operations-related positions. 

Solar located at San Pablo Raceway.

More clean energy investments are in the works. The SFPUC recently announced that it will supply all CleanPowerSF customers with 100% renewable energy by 2025, which is five years ahead of the San Francisco’s original clean energy goal and 20 years ahead of California’s state goal. The SFPUC is planning to contract with even more investments to reach its clean energy goals.