Meet Patricia Mattias, Who Has Worn Many Hats at the SFPUC

Over the last 27 years, Patricia Mattias has worn many hats at the SFPUC.

Mattias has worked as a water service clerk, senior water service clerk focused in the Water Conservation, High Bills and Water Quality Cross Connection Section, and is currently a water service inspector with the Water Department for the last 14 years. Her professional journey and years of public service are a reminder why it is important to have representation in the workplace.

“It serves as an example to other young women just starting out in their careers that the possibilities are endless and they do not need to conform to any stereotypical jobs,” she shared. “Women can be productive team members and leaders in any job, any organization and at any level.”

Mattias reflected on Women’s History Month on how women are strong and can be anything they want to be. “We can be moms, career women, supportive team members and exceptional team leaders but that we also still have a lot of work to do in pushing for promoting women to leadership roles at work.”

She noted that women are excellent multi taskers, mediators, advocates, and solution finders. Women can be key players in bringing team members together and finding unique and innovative solutions for any task, she shared. Her inspiration comes from other women in the trades, including SFPUC colleagues Amy Gray-Schlink (Utility Plumber), Amanda Sullivan (Gardener), Jeannette Raye (Pest Control Specialist), Judy Nishimoto (Electronic Maintenance Technician), and Nora O’Hagan, a new mother and electrician. Mattias also gave special recognition in memory of Lily Preciado, who was a San Francisca native, Latina woman, mother, and Utility Plumber.

When asked to complete the phrase “a woman’s place is…”, Mattias enthusiastically expressed, “A women’s place is… anywhere and everywhere!”