New SFPUC.ORG Launches and Focuses on Customer Experience

The SFPUC’s website is getting a full transformation.

It has been more than a decade since the SFPUC last updated its website, and since that time, users have increasingly turned to mobile devices for online content. With that in mind, the new website has been designed to be much more compatible with smart phones and tablets.

With the COVID-19 pandemic now into its second year, the SFPUC’s website serves a more critical role than ever in providing San Franciscans, customers, and partners with important and engaging information from the safety of their homes.

In keeping with its goal of becoming a utility of the future, the SFPUC launched a redesigned website that offers users a better mobile experience, a more modern design and content available in up to seven different languages. The revamped website also introduces a new web address,, to better tell the whole story of the water, power and wastewater services the utility provides.

The new website is mobile responsive and modern.

Visitors to the new site will enjoy a more modern user interface and design which will allow them to search for critical information more quickly and easily, such as SFPUC bill relief programs, job opportunities and construction projects. Content can be viewed in Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, Russian, Arabic, and Vietnamese. To ensure accuracy, content in languages other than English will benefit from human, rather than machine translation.

As part of the soft launch of, and to allow for users to adjust to the new site, the SFPUC’s existing website will still be available to the public for a short period of time even as the agency continues to promote and redirect people to the new website.

A side by side look of existing website with the SFPUC’s new website.
A side by side look of existing website with the SFPUC’s new website.