A Future Mathematician is Among the Winners of This Year’s Maisin Scholarship

With a huge passion for math and helping others to solve problems, Bryan De Leon is one of the winners of this year’s Maisin Scholarship. The Maisin Scholar Award Program is sponsored by SFPUC’s Social Impact Partners and helps San Francisco public students overcome the financial obstacles that stand in between them and their pursuits of higher education.

Bryan developed his love and passion for math in high school. “Math can be applied everywhere and can explain many things in the world. Although I am still unclear of what I want to pursue with my math knowledge, I have thought about helping others with their math struggles and helping them understand the value of math and its importance,” said Bryan, who will be attending UC Santa Cruz as a math major. 

Bryan found out about the Maisin scholarship through Gateway High School’s after-school College Track program. He said winning this award is meaningful for him because it shows that his hard work and dedication to pursue a college education is paying off and is being noticed by others. 

When Covid first started in San Francisco, it was a challenging for him and his family of five because they were told not to work and stay at home. They did finally end up getting adjusted to shelter-in-place and have adapted.

As for adapting to online classes, Bryan is ok with it. “I didn’t really have a problem with online classes in the last bit of school but that is only because of how comfortable I was with each class and knew that I had others like my friends to count on if I needed help with the work,” he said. Bryan is optimistic about the future, noting, “I know I can still count on many others to help if I need it. “

This past summer, Bryan spent a lot of time walking around the park near his house and  enjoying peaceful time to himself before going to College in addition to hanging out with his family. Bryan says he enjoys listening to “oldies” to rekindle “memories I had with those songs like hanging out with friends or just the car ride to my school and back home.” San Francisco Education Fund is a Social Impact Partner and proud sponsor of the scholarship that will help Bryan pursue his education