Meet U.S. Air Force Veteran, Student, and SFPUC Stationary Engineer Jayson Santoyo

“Sometimes you have to become a subject master expert on everything, so you don’t miss out on anything,” a phrase that perfectly sums up the work ethic of Jayson Santoyo. Santoyo is a Stationary Engineer at the SFPUC’s downtown headquarters located at 525 Golden Gate Avenue. His past experiences have helped prepare him for his time at the SFPUC.

Santoyo was a Combat Civil Engineer Staff Sergeant with the United States Air Force for 7 years from 2011-218. During his time with the Air Force, Santoyo traveled to over 30 countries, earning five achievement medals for his outstanding performance deployed overseas. “Representation means upholding the status by showcasing excellence in performance. I served 7 years overseas in the Air Force. I represented the United States in all of the other countries I lived in,” he explained. “I was held to the highest standards of customs, courtesies, and professionalism which enables praise and respect to Americans and Filipino culture.”

Jayson Santoyo is Stationary Engineer at the SFPUC.

Santoyo is also currently a student at San Francisco State University, working towards earning his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He understands the importance of pursuing higher education and that you must be able to adapt to new scenarios to find success. “The best advice I can give to those looking to start a career in Engineering is to be proactive in learning, always be hungry for more knowledge, and get comfortable being outside your comfort zone. Never stop pursuing education because knowledge is power, and Engineers lead the way!”

Over the past several months, Santoyo has adapted to the “new” way of living. While many San Franciscans have been sheltered-in-place, he has still been coming into work every day to maintain the SFPUC’s downtown headquarters and ensure that everything is running smoothly. “The workflow of building engineering has not stopped. We are still on top of maintaining the building and providing valuable contingency planning,” explained Santoyo.

“COVID-19 has changed the world. Our engineering team has been divided in order to maintain limited contact while staying safe. If one team is exposed to COVID-19, the second team will be able to maintain the building and keep the building and staff, safe. We also have emergency contingency plans for our HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and water purification equipment set in place to provide a safe and clean environment at the SFPUC headquarters. Our SFPUC team is one of the most important assets in San Francisco. Having this kind of contingency planning is key to success for our future.”

Jayson Santoyo has still been coming into work every day to maintain the SFPUC’s downtown headquarters and ensure that everything is running smoothly.