How to Celebrate Earth Day from Your Home

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the event that encourages people all over the world to celebrate and advocate for continued environmental awareness and protection. As a public utility the SFPUC takes environmental protection seriously. Having an awareness of one’s individual and collective impact on the planet informs the SFPUC’s day-to-day operations, planning, and even how employees conduct themselves in the office.

The SFPUC had a series of events planned for this incredible milestone close to the agency’s heart. Working in partnership with colleagues at the Department for the Environment and Recreation and Parks, the SFPUC had hoped to be part of a series of interactive, informative, and celebratory events for the public throughout the month of April. Sadly, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the SFPUC is now unable to see these plans to fruition during this April.

Image by michelletessaro from Pixabay.

Spending more time at home has afforded the opportunity to become more introspective. The very nature of this pandemic has meant one must think about their impact on others. Bringing these considerations to the topic of the environment as a whole no longer seems out of reach. One can more easily understand how the decisions they make and how a community uses its collective resources can impact the wider global community.

With the continued emphasis on the importance of maintaining social distancing, the SFPUC, like the Earth Day Foundation, would like to encourage a digital celebration of Earth Day this year.

Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay.

The Earth Day Foundation has helpfully provided a list of 11 things to do in celebration of Earth Day during this pandemic. One may notice that they may have already done or thought about some of these activities during their time at home.

A list of digital Earth Day activities can be found online.

Whatever one chooses to do to mark Earth Day, the SFPUC encourages to take stock of new habits (hand washing, food waste reduction, community engagement) and find out how these new conscious behaviors will be useful to bring into life after COVID-19.