The SFPUC and its Continued Commitment to Customers and the Community

Over the past few weeks the community has begun to feel the firsthand effects of the impacts of COVID-19. The ongoing efforts to maintain social distancing and responsibly self-isolate has resulted in huge shifts in day-to-day life for nearly everyone. SFPUC staff have largely been working from home, like so many others across the country.

While the location of work for SFPUC staff has mostly shifted, the agency’s commitment to providing San Francisco and regional customers with the high-quality water and services remains unchanged. Many of the SFPUC’s core operations staff are working across the system to maintain consistent delivery. Tap water safety and supply has not been affected by COVID-19.

Image by ninjason from Pixabay.

The SFPUC’s online customer service platform, MyAccount, is up and running. Customers can view their usage and pay their water bills here. The customer service team continues to respond to questions and concerns throughout this temporary crisis.

Some neighborhoods will notice the continuation of construction projects in the City. The SFPUC’s team of project managers are working with subcontractors to keep these critical projects running. As always, the SFPUC is working to maintain the system entrusted to its care. When the system requires maintenance, the SFPUC must act responsibly and perform these critical tasks to ensure continued service now and into the future.

Image by ivabalk from Pixabay.

Wastewater treatment continues without interruption in San Francisco, and the SFPUC remains committed to providing consistent service throughout all our operations.

As always, any concerns have about water, water quality, or the SFPUC’s construction projects can be reported to 311.