A Look Back in History: Gate, Interrupted

1910 was the year that the Water Temple was brought online in Sunol. The Sunol Water Temple was built between 1906 and 1910. But the gate to the property wasn’t built until 1910.

Gateway to the Sunol Water Temple.
Fountain Detail – Two Fish Facing One Another at the Base of Either Side of the Gateway.

In the letter written at mid-year (see proceeding page), S.P. Eastman, Second Vice President and Manager of Spring Valley Water Company, invokes the final execution of the gateway contract, specifications and plans. There is a tad bit of urgency underlying the matter, as “the work has commenced on the ground, and the recording should have been done some time ago.” But oh well, “other matters have interferred” [sic]:

Letter from Second Vice President and Manager regarding the Gateway to Sunol Water Temple.
A Winter Scene – Note the Short Posts that Line the Driveway in this Era.
Spring into Summer – The Lilacs are in Bloom Down the Road.