20 Steps to Kickoff the New Decade Right

Whether one considers the start of the new decade in 2020 or 2021, the SFPUC recommends taking the following steps to kickoff the new year.

  1. Adopt it, name it, clean it. Become a drain adopter today.
  2. Every rain garden needs a sidekick, is that you?
  3. Repeat after us: only flush the 3 P’s – pee, poo and toilet paper.
  4. Switch over to 100% renewable energy, it’s the San Francisco thing to do.
  5. Toilet in need of a replacement? Find out if you qualify for a free toilet.
  6. Sip it, gulp it, drink it. San Francisco tap water is simply the best.
  7. Find out how doing a load of laundry can help keep your garden lush.
  8. Start flexing your sustainable green thumb.
  9. Save money while conserving water.
  10. San Francisco: seven miles by seven miles, divided by eight urban watersheds. Explore them all.
  11. The next big one is inevitable. Are you prepared?
  12. Get San Francisco one step closer to its clean energy goals and get rewarded for it.
  13. Detect a little leak before it becomes a pricey problem.
  14. Help protect the environment and properly dispose of expired and unwanted medication.
  15. Properly dispose of your used cooking oil in 3 steps: cool, wipe, compost.
  16. Don’t let good water go to waste. Collect it with a discounted rain barrel.
  17. Spoiler alert: “flushable” wipes are not flushable. Do our sewer system a solid and put them in the trash where they belong.
  18. Check out the SFPUC newsroom for an insider’s look at everything happening here at the SFPUC.
  19. Plan, prepare, and protect your home and community for the rainy season.
  20. Let’s get social. Follow @sfwater today.