Innovation is the Wave of the Future and It’s How We Will Meet Future Water Resource Challenges

San Francisco, a City known for innovation, is tapping into new ways to find, use and reuse water.

Last year the SFPUC launched its PureWaterSF pilot program to demonstrate that it is feasible to treat wastewater on-site and make it available for drinking – and that it tastes good. This program took place within the agency’s headquarters at 525 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco and served as the basis for continuing research toward the development of on-site water reuse systems that can be built into existing and new buildings in San Francisco. 

An illustration of the PureWaterSF process.

And there’s more. In July, the SFPUC and Energy Center San Francisco (ECSF) celebrated the launch of the City’s largest onsite water reuse project. Funded in part by the SFPUC, the initiative diverts foundation drainage at the Powell Street BART station in downtown San Francisco and redirect it to ECSF’s District Energy Plant for use in their district steam loop, resulting in 30 million gallons of drinking water saved annually.

For the SFPUC, its customers are partners in innovation, using technology and taking advantage of site-specific WaterWise evaluations to assess water use and implementing additional water-saving strategies that save water while helping customers save money on water and wastewater bills.

SFPUC Water-Wise Evaluation Inspector talking to customer about water efficient devices.

“Our Water Resources team continues to pursue some of the most innovative projects in the country, which is why the SFPUC remains a national leader in conservation practices,” said SFPUC General Manager Harlan L. Kelly, Jr. “But we do not do this alone. The residents and businesses of San Francisco continue to pursue the highest standards for sustainability, making this a true Citywide effort.”

More information can be found in the SFPUC’s Water Resources Division Annual Report.