Why Healthy Sewers Equal a Healthy Planet

In honor of World Toilet Day today, the SFPUC wants to bring awareness to the importance of the Sewer System Improvement Program (SSIP) and the important role it plays in protecting public health and safety.

Brick sewer, employees, sewer camera monitoring
SFPUC crews inspecting brick sewers.

World Toilet Day, celebrated on the 19th of November every year, is about inspiring action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. Established by the World Toilet Organization in 2001, World Toilet Day was made an official United Nations day in 2013. UN-Water leads a taskforce of international agencies to campaign around a common theme. 

One of the major global sanitation targets, identified also as Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), is to improve water quality by reducing pollution and increasing the safe reuse of treated wastewater.  

SFPUC crews inspect the sewer system.

For the past 100 years, the City of San Francisco has protected public health and the environment by operating a combined sewer system that reliably collects and treats sanitary sewage and stormwater runoff. 

Sustainable infrastructure is key to ensuring everyone has a wonderful place to work, live, and play for generations to come. Whether it is upgrading critical facilities like the SFPUC’s three treatment plants or leading the way in resource recovery by producing clean water and recovering nutrients, the SFPUC strives to live by its mantra “your #2 will always be our #1.”

SFPUC crews inspect the sewer system.
SFPUC crews inspect the sewer system.