Nearly a Thousand YMCA Campers Learn About Renewable Energy at Golden Gate Park

On July 11, SFPUC staff spent an afternoon crafting and educating campers at YMCA’s Camp Jamboree about renewable energy. The camp took place at Golden Gate Park with nearly a thousand campers from YMCAs in San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area.

SFPUC staff explained that giant wind turbines generate power for San Francisco residents and businesses

At the SFPUC booth, campers constructed mini wind turbines out of paper straws and construction paper to learn about renewable energy and how wind turbines work. Campers related the mini wind turbines to the wind farms that are located around the Bay Area. The hands-on activity entertained the campers while they answered trivia questions about renewable energy. Many campers had learned about renewable energy, but they were excited to learn that the City offers solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower to San Francisco residents and businesses. All afternoon, dozens of colorful, mini wind turbines spun in the wind.

Campers gathered around the SFPUC table to assemble pinwheels, which represented wind turbines.

The YMCA Camp Jamboree offered a unique opportunity to connect with youth and educate them about the environment and renewable energy. Youth education fosters a foundation of environmental awareness, which empowers the next generation of decision makers. The SFPUC provides youth education through a variety of programming including partnerships with local museums and non-profits and our Kinder-to-Career program.